Northern Italian Comb Morion, 1590-1600, steel, brass & leather, 13-1/3 in. (h.), George F. Harding Collection, 1982.2192
The Art Institute of Chicago
L’Illustration, Samedi 1er Août 1914, 72e Année, No 3727
French burgonet with falling buffe, c. 1550; steel, blued and gilt
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Italian buffe, possibly by Lucio Piccinino, c. 1590; steel, embossed, damascened with gold and silver, and rivetted
Victoria & Albert Museum
Parade Burgonet of Charles V by Filippo and Francesco Negroli (Milan), 1545, steel with gilding, Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid
Featured in The Art of Power (2009), an exhibition by the National Gallery of Art. The catalog alone is a beautiful publication.
Steel burgonet by Filippo & Francesco Negroli, c. 1570
Museo Poldi Pezzoli
Danish armored Harley-Davidson motorcycle from 1930s
Indo-Persian Steel Helmet (Kulah Khud) and Shield (Dhal), 19th century; 11 in. H. (helmet), 18 in. D. (shield). Sold together for $5,019
Sale 1319 | The Russell B. Aitken Collection | Christie’s
Steel German Close Helmet, 1530-1550
Higgins Armory Museum
Jacob Halder, Portions of an Armor for Field and Tilt, c. 1580-1590, steel with gilding, iron, brass & leather, 30 in. (h.), George F. Harding Collection, 1982.2241a-h
The Art Institute of Chicago
Greek Silver Helmet, 4th century BCE,  9-1/2 x 7-1/8 in. (height x width).
Detroit Institute of Arts
Giovanni Battista Serabaglio (Panzeri), Burgonet, c. 1560
Kunsthistorisches Museum
Jörg Sigman, Steel Burgonet, c. 1555
Kunsthistorisches Museum
Myochin Munesuke (inscription), Saotome Hidetama, European-inspired Kabuto, late 16th century, iron with lacquer, 8-3/4 in. (height).
The Walters Art Museum
French Close Helmet, c. 1570, steel, 12-3/16 in. (height)
The Walters Art Museum
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